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diary about 2018.10.20. late to upload-sorry

title: 40km

On this travel we have to walk 40km in 4 nights and 5days. And our team decided to go to Jirisan Dulle-gil. I don't know about that place. But this is not a tour, so we just have to search about this:

'Can we walk 40km or more at there?'

'Will there be a guesthouse or some place to sleep

or cook?'

For me, this is the first time to hike properly,

so I had to prepare some things about hiking such as hiking boots.

My backpack's wight was 8kg.

I thought I packed very simple.

And I didn't felt it's heavy.

I thaught I packed well.

I hope it'll be a fun journey. Good luck.

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